Public vs. Private Nursing Homes

Many people don’t have a clear distinction between a public and a private nursing homes. In order to clarify their differences, one has to look at each of their services and how they impact the person being taken care of.

In private nursing homes, proper attention is given to the client and the caregiver goes ahead to understand the character of the client in terms of their hobbies, interest, likes, and dislikes. They can be able to figure out even the client’s favorite diet. This is because in private nursing homes optimum attention is given unlike in public nursing homes where the caregiver has many clients, therefore, will not have much time to get to know the client’s traits because there is minimal attention paid on each of them.

In public nursing homes there is limited scheduling flexibility and therefore clients and families are left to take what they get or suffer the consequence of not receiving any service at all in the entire day. The client’s freedom is limited in public nursing homes as they are required to follow a strict schedule for not all attention is given to them.

In private nursing homes, however, there is the freedom of changing the schedule to fit the clients liking. There is even the possibility of changing the type of service in private nursing homes to suit the client’s needs. The work of a private nursing home is to ensure that each individual client is served to satisfaction.

In public nursing homes the caregiver maybe amazing and compassionate but they are needed to look after as many clients as possible and therefore have minimal time with one client. They are therefore not able to know the clients deeply and therefore may have minimal impact on the life of the client.

In private nursing homes, the caregivers are encouraged to get to know their clients well and find their real personality in terms of what they like and love doing and assist them in those activities. It may be cooking their favorite meals or other little things that have a great impact on the life of the client.

In private nursing homes, there are a number of services that the home would actually offer. The home can help out by doing light housecleaning for the resident’s unit, like sweeping the floor or doing up the bed which may be a little difficult for seniors to do at their age. Nutritious meals are also provided for the clients. The staff there can also remind the clients to take their medications. One of the best things about private nursing homes is that there will be all sorts of recreational activities or wellness programs available for the clients, which they may not get the chance to do if they are in public nursing homes. This opens doors for them as well as gives them the opportunity to feel important once again. And for those with limited mobility, there are services where the staff can help with bathing or dressing them up.

As you can see there are several differences between private and public nursing homes in the way they provide care for their clients. There is a clear indication that private nursing homes have an upper hand in service provision hence they are more expensive than public nursing homes.

All this said though Public nursing homes have the benefit of having a variety of equipment for it has to serve diverse needs of different clients hence any client will be able to fit quickly for there is the possibility of another client with the same need. This means that the urgency of addressing to any client is quick for it has been done to another already and so caregivers will go straight to the point.

Public nursing homes are necessary for those who need long term care given to them. This is because public nursing homes never run out of care giving staff. They are ideal place especially if it is a couple that needs care given to them. They have experienced caregivers specialized in giving diverse activities and in the best way possible.


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